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Alfred began his career as a professional

communicator in 1963 at 610 RADIO as a Radio News

Editor, moving on to become: on-air Studio Presenter and

Outside Broadcaster, as well as Current Affairs Producer

and the Manager of the country's first-ever FM Station

(FM 100). During his 11 years in radio broadcasting, Alfred received advanced formal training at the BBC and Syracuse University. In 1972, he was joined at the National Broadcasting Service (610/100) by Producer-Copywriter Astra Da Costa,           and two years after partnering in various production activities, they launched their own Company—All Media Projects Limited (AMPLE)—to provide services much needed in the private and public sectors.


Alfred served as Chairman of AMPLE and as Joint Managing Director with Astra from the Agency's inception in 1974. This was interrupted in 2001 for a four-year stint as Special Advisor to then Prime Minister Patrick Manning and then as Head of the Cabinet-appointed Specialised Communications Unit.


His skills were also in high demand in the specialist communication areas of Crisis Management, Advocacy issues, Media and Executive Training, and as a Communications Consultant. Alfred also found time to serve at various communications and national levels—from University

lecturing in Advertising, to Chairman of the National

Carnival Commission and Director-General of

CARIFESTA V and VI, and a Commissioner of

T&T National Commission of UNESCO.


Alfred Aguiton 

Chairman & Managing Director
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